April 09, 2018
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Best Veterinary Stethoscope for Tech Vets & Students

best stethoscope for vet students

The path to becoming a vet technician or doctor is not as wide as many people think. You will face many challenges and frustrations from the very first day in vet school. Some of these challenges are normal and are faced by all students in medical school. However, others are unique to veterinary medicine. Choosing a stethoscope is one of the challenges …

Amplified Stethoscope for Hearing Impaired

best stethoscope for hearing impaired

Being a doctor, nurse or potential physician who has some degree of hearing loss is challenging. Finding the best stethoscope for hearing impaired medics can be frustrating. When you are hard of hearing, you still want to measure up to the standards of medics without hearing challenges. Whether you have hearing aids like a cochlear implant or not, using a stethoscope can …

Best Pediatric Stethoscope

Finding a good pediatric stethoscope is not an easy task. Any healthcare practitioner, particularly one who specializes in the pediatric department, knows that not every medical equipment would work well for the young patients. It’s not easy to use some of the equipment that is meant to be used on the body of a full grown adult. Pediatric stethoscopes ought …

Best Electronic Stethoscope Review 2018

electronic stethoscope reviews

Today, trained medical practitioners can save your life fast thanks to tools like stethoscopes. For generations, medics learned how to use the traditional stethoscope (the bell and diaphragm model). After school, they carried the stethoscopes with them to the ‘real world.’ This is until David Littmann invented new advanced steths that revolutionized how diseases are detected, prevented and treated. The …

Best Stethoscope for Measuring Blood Pressure 2018

stethoscope for measuring blood pressure

If you want to use a stethoscope to measure blood pressure, you have to connect it with a mercury blood pressure monitor. You have to know how to connect the stethoscope to a blood pressure monitor. Which are the best stethoscopes for blood pressure this year? Below is a list of the top rated stethoscopes and their features: 3M Littmann …

MDF Stethoscope Reviews

mdf stethoscope review

In our previous reviews, we studied the 3M Littmann stethoscopes keenly and gave our verdict. In this review, we’ll introduce to you to other devices from one of the best stethoscope brands; MDF Instruments. Manufactured by a renowned company in the USA, this stethoscope brand is carefully “handcrafted”. If the Littmann brand mesmerized you, especially after seeing a couple of …

Reviews of the Best Cardiology Stethoscope

best cardiology stethoscope

The invention of the stethoscope brought a big revolution to the world of medicine. Unlike pre-stethoscope days where doctors had to undertake harsh cumbersome procedures to diagnosis patients, this new technology presented an easy way of diagnosing by simple auscultation. To this day, the stethoscope has remained a stronghold for physicians. In fact, some medical practitioners like cardiologists wholly rely on it to …

Best Electronic Stethoscope (Top 3 Review for 2018)

best electronic stethoscope

A stethoscope is one of the most important tools for a physician. Thus, its quality is very important. You will need a stethoscope to listen to cardiac and lung sounds and also take blood pressure reading. Most medics make a mistake of only considering recommendation, brand and price when shopping for a stethoscope. However, this should not be the case. There are various important things to …

Stethoscope Price – Why Does the Cost Vary So Much?

stethoscope prices

There are different companies that manufacture stethoscopes. This explains why the various stethoscope brands come at different prices. However, you should not simply purchase one brand over the other because it is highly recommended in your field. What is important is to look for a stethoscope that addresses your specific needs. For example, some people prefer the popular Littmann stethoscopes …

Best Stethoscope for Respiratory Therapist

best stethoscope for respiratory therapist

When it comes to evaluating the lungs and heart, you need an efficient stethoscope to get the best auscultation sounds. Having the right stethoscope is important for both diagnosis and assessment of a patient. In the past, pulmonary and breathing assessment used to be confined to physicians. However, nowadays things have changed. It doesn’t matter necessarily whether you are a …

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