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Thinklabs One Digital Stethoscope Review (2018 Update)

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With amplification capability of up to x100, the Thinklabs One Digital Stethoscope is a wonder. The steth can increase bass for sounds from the heart. This compact stethoscope comes with comfortable headphones and its sound acoustics are crisp clear.

The Thinklab One Digital is one of the best stethoscope for hearing impaired student nurses, RNs and doctors. The stethoscope some with superb quality ear buds that work perfectly with hearing aids. When wearing the stethoscope, you will be amazed by the clarity of the breath and heart sounds you will hear.

connecting thinklabs with the smartphone

The Thinklab headphones have long cables, which allow you to let the hang comfortably around the neck when not in use. The cables do not tangle easily and are therefore convenient for use in clinics. The ear tips come in 3 sizes, for a perfect fit.

Check the video below for a review of two of the best electronic stethoscopes in the market: the Thinklabs One vs. Littman 3200.

Thinklabs Headphones

There are various headphones that are compatible with the Thinklabs electronic stethoscope. Since this stethoscope is digital, you can wear it with different headphones to achieve various results.

thinklab stethoscope earphones

For example, if you want to cope with extra bass, Beats by Dre earphones will be a good option. These headphones work flawlessly for auscultations. The extra bass enabled by the headphones will allow you to hear any slight underlying heart beats. Moreover, the headphones perform excellently when it comes to frequently response.

bose headphones

Another set of headphones you can use for your Thinklabs stethoscope is Bose. These noise-cancelling headphones have become the standard of headphones all round the world. When wearing the Bose headphones, you will not have trouble carry out auscultations even on uncooperative patients like toddlers. The phone will allow you to work in peace as they provide clear sounds.

Teaching With the Thinklabs One Electronic Stethoscope

One of the biggest benefits of the Thinklabs electronic stethoscope is in teaching. The stethoscope is shipped with an adapter known as ThinkLink. You can connect the stethoscope chest piece to your smartphone and then to your earbud/headphones through the ThinkLink. When you connect the stethoscope to your smartphone, you will not only be able to auscultate the patient, but can also record the lung or heart sounds to its app or other third-party recording app.

When teaching, residents or students can hear sounds and find out at once through a speaker as a group instead of having each student come to examine a patient multiple times.

In some clinical settings, you can attach a Bluetooth adapter to the chest piece. From there you can use Bluetooth headphones and then use the device on a patient that may have been isolated for precaution purposes. The ThinkLink also makes telemedicine easier. For example, a doctor on one end can hear the heart or lung sounds in real-time rather than waiting for a recording.

The Thinklabs One is light and easy to use. If you do not like to wear the coat while working in the ER, you will immediately notice how heavy other stethoscopes have been when you switch to using the Thinklabs. The stethoscope is quite sensitive, even at the lowest settings, compared to non-digital options. You can use various headphones with the device to hear sound better.

Thinklabs One Digital Stethoscope Features

Electronic Features

Unlike other amplified stethoscopes, the Thinklabs One Digital Stethoscope has an electronic feature: the voltage doubling charge. This allows for functions like mild distortion reproduced, in the case of S2 and S1, to peak. This feature also allows you to filter your frequently used presets.

The steth also has a One Bluetooth feature.  Although not in-built, the Bluetooth feature allows you to easily attach a small transmitter to the jack of the headphones .

One drawback of the Bluetooth is that it does not work well for those with hearing aids. Because hearing aids don’t have sound amplification capability, the sound heard through them will not be as excellent as that heard directly from the steth.

The Thinklabs Stethoscope can also connect to external devices like smartphones, computers, tablets and other audio or recording devices.


This steth comes with a sleek headphones set. If you don’t like the headphones, you can use your own, provided they have a small adapter and a flat plug. If you choose your own headphones, maybe even the in-ear ear bud type, ensure they have quality bass potential and a noise cancelling feature.


Although a bit heavier than most traditional scopes, the 14.4 ounce oThinklabs stethoscope is attractive. Moreover, the steth is not designed to be carried around the neck.


The One Thinklabs digital stethoscope comes with a replaceable Lithium Ion battery that can be recharged. A USB-like connection cable is used to charge it. When fully charged, you can examine 100 to 125 patients with the stethoscope.

Even better, the lifespan of the battery is a couple of years. Moreover, you can take it to the manufacturer for replacement any time you deem fit.


This stethoscope comes with a 2 year warranty. This is less than other steths of its caliber have. However, the manufacturer sometimes offers free repairs or services on their own terms.


The Thinklabs One Digital Stethoscope is affordable considering all its features. At the moment, the steth goes for $529.01 at Amazon. Its features make it one of the best electronic stethoscopes in the market.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a Thinklink?

This is an accessory often packed with the Thinklabs One Headphone Amplified steth. Thinklink enables you to connect your steth with a recording device via a 3.5 mm headset jack. The stethcomes with excellent quality headphones. However, you could use your own headphones if you prefer.

  • How do I clean my stethoscope?

Like with all electronic stethoscopes, NEVER immerse your device in water or other liquids. Instead, clean it using alcohol wipes.

  • Should I purchase spare parts for this stethoscope?

From Amazon reviews, no customers have ever required any replacement parts for their stethoscope.

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Thinklabs One Digital Stethoscope Review: Should I Purchase?

Although the price of the Thinklabs One Digital Stethoscope is higher than that of quality acoustic scopes, it is an excellent option for medics with hearing challenges.

The sound quality of this steth is unmatched! The recording features also give the steth and edge over other stethoscopes. I highly recommend you buy the Thinklabs One Digital Stethoscope.

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